South Pole 2022??

So next year… finally… the Greenland expedition will go ahead, barring any deterioration in the COVID-19 situation and fingers crossed, vaccinations rates will keep going up. It’s all scheduled in the calendar – starting 24 April 2022 until around 25 May. A long journey across the ice cap, but seriously exciting to think it’s going to happen. Just need to get back into proper training!

Even more exciting is the prospect that I might be able to undertake a South Pole expedition at the end of 2022. I was hoping that there was a possibility of sponsorship and to go in a group of four with some friends in India and Brazil, though am not counting on this happening, the way things are going at the moment with the economies in South Asia and LatAm.


I have been lucky enough to be able to start putting some savings together and getting some decent freelance work since I left my full-time job in January. And I would say that the chances of being able to self-finance a solo expedition for November 2022 are extremely good!! It is so exciting, just thinking about it!

Question is… do I choose fiscal responsibility (for once in my life) and looking to put a deposit on the house? Which might setback any South Pole plans by a year or two… or…. Go all in? Considering am not getting any younger… House…? Pole…..? Hummmm! Not really a question is it?

The idea of the South Pole… the whole expedition… 50-60 days across those 1,700km in such an endurance test to get from the coast to the Pole… Antarctica! (You remember that Friends episode when Joey is in London? “Antarctica, baby!!” Just need the hat!) it’s just too much of a dream; what have been preparing for for the last goodness knows how many years, and I think it’s fair to say my friends and family think I am obsessed. They’re right. I can’t let this slip out of my hands… so, fingers crossed, the work keeps coming in–that’s the problem with freelancing it, one never really knows… it could all just drop off tomorrow–and will be able to manage it.

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