Day 3 Good visibility and first encounter with Sastrugi Ice

Distance travelled 15km/9.3miles

A long day on the ice. Great visibility throughout the morning with low wind speeds and good conditions. Fresh snow overnight made the morning session very hard going in places. Sastrugi Ice formations making it difficult to pull the sled up and over the ridges of ice. (Sledmond Hillary – a story for another day!)

Visibility reduced in the afternoon with heavy cloud cover. A tough day but pleased with the distance and still climbing with the sled at its heaviest with all the food rations and fuel. Now at 750m above sea level and at 900m it will start to level out. On the whole a very good day with good distance covered.

Reminder from day 2: a seagull circled overhead for a time, it must be miles and miles from the open sea. Very surprised to see life yet alone a seagull so far from the sea.

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