Day 14 Another whiteout and Cottage Pie for diner


It started off okay, with stiff winds and a bit cloudy. However within an hour, the Antarctic clouds descended and it was just skiing through a whiteout from then on. Tough but okay progress, another 18km down.  Unfortunately though… and I am so sorry to come back to this… the pain in my neck and shoulders is becoming… well, a pain in the neck! (Again am sorry if I made that joke before… I probably have but ah well, I’m all by myself so you’ll have to forgive me!!) It’s all a bit demoralising. While I try to tolerate it and put up with it, it’s just hard having to be careful with everything I do lest I cause a spasm of pain to ripple through me. Tiring!

cottage pie for diner

So, a short post today. Have just eaten and taken a painkiller which has helped a little. A nice cottage pie for dinner! Just need to sort out the bedding and will try get some sleep. Sounds like the wind is picking up and it’s snowing again, just to make tomorrow even tougher! I am sure looking down at my compass which is on a harness mount in front of me isn’t helping the neck! Also, in whiteouts really need to pay attention to the tips of the skis, in case coming up to any sastrugi or other obstacles that only become visible when you hit them!

wind tapes on ski poles

In today’s image the wind tapes on ben’s ski poles are blowing horizontal giving an indication of Antarctic wind strength.

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