Day 16 Stormy Rest Day and Advent Calendar!

The strong winds from yesterday increased over night. The clear blue skies were replaced by dense cloud and heavy snow. Not nice conditions so with the neck “problem”, I decided to stay put today. Doing exercises, trying to massage it, using the hot Nalgene bottles on the muscles, and reviewing medical stocks….

I have spoken with the ALE team and we are going to organise a medical resupply. I wanted to do this journey without being resupplied. But I didn’t anticipate this injury and it taking so long to recover. I don’t think anyone could have really. While yes, you get shoulder pains from the harness, it is unusual for such issues to continue for so long. It’s a shame, but it’s much better than any of the alternatives. They have confirmed that it is possible so it’s just a matter of working out the logistics of it all.

I was starting to feel a bit down thinking about going through this journey with that constant pain. So, making it even harder than it already is. The idea that I can get more meds is a definite positive. That in turn has reinforced the belief that I will be able to make it to the Pole.

chocholate liquer advent calendar!

On another positive… 1 December! So, one of the perks to help with the journey, out came my advent calendar!! I got a chocolate liquor calendar and the first day was Famous Grouse… nice! Almost Christmas!

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