Day 19 Deafening wind, 20km day and music debate

Strange beginnings, deafening roar 20km and the Killers as music debate of the day and live opening of Advent Calendar on audio diary!

Another day and another 20km done! It was a good but, as always, tiring day though the conditions were good. Clear sky with a stiff head wind. I had to adjust my course to head more SSW as ALE have left my medical resupply at S82 00.11 W080 35.09, so anyone looking at progress on the map will see how I changed direction today.

But that’s not the strange part… as I was getting ready in the morning, it was pretty windy and there’s that normal sound. The tent flapping, the howling of the wind over the snow and ice. All normal. Suddenly though there was this quickly increasing roar, getting louder and coming towards the tent. It passed like a jet fighter, so quickly and it was gone. Rolled away. The ice literally shifted as the wave hit. Very bizarre and a bit disconcerting! Maybe there was some shear of ice somewhere – I know how vibrations can travel hundreds of miles through the ice. Maybe it was a katabatic wind or something. I have no idea! Nothing like that has happened since.

But aside from that the day was pretty much uneventful! The winds have died down now. The sun is out so the tent is like a greenhouse again – can’t complain! Going to open the advent calendar after I have eaten – will open it live on my audio post to the map! Haha! As Eden said in a comment on Facebook, chocolate and alcohol… always good! Difficult to control myself and not eat them all at the same time!

West hills by the killers – debate

Music of the day that was in my head: West Hills by the Killers. Brilliant song on a brilliant album. Very different from their other albums. Especially the more recent ones which had me and several others going off them as they were… I dunno… too pop. Would go to see The Killers in concert just for songs from the album but West Hills is brilliant. Nothing formulaic about it or indeed the entire album. Each has song a connected story with various motifs spanning through these stories. Definitely worth it.

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