Day 34 Half way!!!!

Can’t believe it! After another 27km, I have reached Thiel Corner – an unmanned ski way and supply depot for airplanes going to the Pole from Union Glacier to refuel, and where other expeditions also have caches left for resupply. I have just got into S85 degrees, meaning I have just past the half way mark of this journey!

Comfortable Sleeping Bag

The day was one of those days when it was hard to get out of the sleeping bag. They seem to be becoming more frequent! Great sunny weather with a bit of a stiff headwind but nothing that haven’t seen before on this journey. The snow was mixed; sometimes was able to speed over it, sometimes would sink into it. Plenty of messy ice and minor sastrugi to deal with as well, and in the last 15km out of S84 there was a gradual climb up, just making everything heavier. I need to get used to it as half way through S85 the climb up to the plateau begins, and that will just be constant for the next two and a half degrees or so!

Theil corner

Oh and was wrong about the nunatak yesterday: i was actually seeing the thiel mountains! Splendid view of them in the distance, to the south west, all day today. Definitely a nice change!


Extremely pleased, especially after how everything started with my neck at the start/Of course, there’s a long way to go and a lot of work today, but it’s so good to get this far. Onwards!!

Cottage pie for dinner tonight. Hungry!!!

Ear worm(s) today: another mix of music from The Kids Aren’t Alright to Under Pressure (always a good one!)

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