Day 38 Good and steady progress 29km day

Better off down here

Another beautiful day here; incredible how good the conditions have been over the last few days. Sun, blue skies and just a bit of a headwind but nothing much. Not too cold either at around -14C — seems positively tropical in comparison with the United States! (I really would not have liked to have been out in the weather there – crazy!!!) The sastrugi seem to be taking some time off as well; it’s just very low, minor sastrugi formations now that don’t really impact much. It gets a little worse as the ground gets a bit steeper but no, nothing even remotely close to what I encountered earlier. Long may it stay this way!!

Approaching 86th degree

I am at around 1,600m now, so climbed just 150m today; much more gradual today and that definitely makes a difference. I felt good. So yes, I managed another 29km today and am almost entering the 86th degree!! Almost 3/5 complete! I think the terrain is meant to be similar to this for the next 50-60 nautical miles as well, when it will get much steeper again. Hopefully the weather will hold out as well!

Angling eastwards

For anyone following progress on the map, you’ll see that I am edging westwards. This is because in the 87th degree there is an extensive crevasse field and I need to get to around W083-W084 to avoid that. Still have around 100 nautical miles before reach that point though I need to start angling my way over there now to make life easier. No cutting corners there for sure!!

Song of the day

Song in the head of the day! …. Meatloaf – I’d do anything for love! Gotta love meatloaf! It’s like you get two or three songs out into one!

Thanks for support and please share for Cancer Research UK

I want to thank everyone again for your support. Your comments, your jokes, song suggestions… everything! If I could ask one favour – as you know I am also trying to raise funds for Cancer Research, and thank you also for your support with this. If it could be possible for you to share what am doing with this journey with your friends, colleagues and family, that would be really amazing as well. Thank you again!!!!

Photo; Long Shadows

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