Day 47 Flirting with Sastrugi

Happy new year again everyone! Hope that not too hungover and enjoyed everything last night! 2023 will be fantastic!

Long Lie in bed

To get the new year off to a start, I woke up and could immediately tell it was pretty cloudy outside: the tent is always much colder. When making breakfast and popping my head out to look south I could see that there was pretty dense cloud in that direction, with whiteout conditions. As I had been thinking about a rest day, I thought… yes! Now’s my chance! Though as the forecast had not mentioned anything and just showed sun, I figured that I’d give it a chance and maybe have a shorter day.

And that’s pretty much what happened! I was able to sleep for another couple of hours and when I woke up the conditions were perfect!

Monster Monstrigi !

The extra rest was definitely nice to have: the last few days really have been quite draining and intense with the sticky snow, climbing and sastrugi. My body was happy with me for sure! Even my neck seemed grateful! Had I taken the whole day to rest I would have found it difficult to forgive myself as well as the conditions were so good. The snow was a lot better; the climbing much more gradual. Even the sastrugi were slightly less monstrous… aside from towards the end of the day when I came to a short, sharp dune-like hill that is literally covered with mega monstrugi!! No idea how I found a place to camp amidst it all!

Good distance covered

So, 21.7km covered and am pretty pleased with that – had I done the full day that would have extended to around 25-26km, so getting back up to speed. Hopefully a good sign. Hopefully the conditions will continue to be good. Hopefully!!!

Ear worm of the day… eerrmmm you know, my memory is going crazy and I can’t think if what was in my head earlier! Just like it’s difficult to work out what expedition day I am on as it all blurs! I think it was The Kids Aren’t Alright… again, for the umpteenth time!

Photo – Sledmund posing with a wannabe monstrugi! You can see the sastrugi complex behind… not sure if you can see all the gaps between them and the holes you can fall into. Obviously on a clear day that’s easy to avoid, but… in a whiteout… just luck as to where you hit!

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