Day 52 Time to recover for the final push

After I sent the last blog post and prepared to get into my sleeping bag and go to sleep last night, I had some pretty bad cramp in my legs. I also woke up pretty achy this morning, so decided to take the day off to recover. Which has been nice. I have been thinking about it for a few days, and with the conditions today also not being good, now was as good a time as any! So, just relaxing, sleeping and listening to the second audio book of The Expanse series, Caliban’s War. Great series!

Fresh snow building around the tent

So not much to report really! A lot of fresh snow being blown around by the strong winds, building up around the tent, which regularly requires shifting. Not quite whiteout conditions, but pretty cloudy and foggy limiting visibility, today but they were not nice at all. Hopefully the new snow won’t slow travel down too much tomorrow. Same old! Haha!

Technical gremlins

The only thing of real annoyance, however, is that the application I use on my phone to interface with my Garmin InReach locator, and send messages to friends and family, has logged itself out, and I am unable to log back in because I have no internet connection. My iridium device is limited to minutes for sending emails and that’s it. This means that while I can still receive messages on the actual InReach, I can only send messages on it, which is through selecting one letter at a time with arrow keys… a slow and laborious process. Extremely upset with Garmin. Good job this has only happened close to the end of the journey.

Get to the Pole!

Still have my satellite phone and the Iridium Go! that I use to send these blog posts to Alan to post, so it’s not the end of the world. It’s just annoying. I want to get going and get to the Pole!

Photo: snow building up at the back of the tent as the haze hovers around the plateau

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