Day 58 So close now!

I am so close now. It was hard to sleep last night. Despite it being -30C outside, in the tent it must have been around 20C! It wasn’t possible to stay in the sleeping bag: way too hot. I ended up lying on top of it in my base layers with all the doors open to try and ventilate and cool down. At the same time, the excitement of it all; gradually approaching the Pole, was difficult to stop thinking about!

Early start to get the miles in

So as planned, I started to get up a couple of hours earlier than normal to get ready for a long day. Up around 4.30am and eventually all packed up and ready to go just after 7am. And it was a long but good day. The conditions at the start continued to be glorious but by around three hours later, they deteriorated into semi-whiteout with fog descending; though the sun was able to get through a little to give okay visibility.  It cleared up by the time I camped though. There was a little bit more of a breeze than yesterday but nothing much. I ended up looking like the abominable snowman again, the way my breath would just freeze onto me!

I just want to get to the bottom of the world.

12 hours later and time to pitch the tent again! 30km covered and a happy me! Pretty much what I wanted. I now have just over 31km to get to the Pole! So so so close, it’s unbelievable!! I spoke with ALE again tonight and there will be two flights from the Pole to Union Glacier on the 13th: one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so it would be alright to arrive in the morning if the 13th. But I just want to get there! I want to enjoy being there, at the bottom of the world!!! Getting there tomorrow evening and..  yes it will be tiring but…wow! It will be over! I will have done it!!! The weather forecast is okay: calm with sun and cloud, so the conditions should be fine… hopefully everything will be okay!!!

Photo: The Abominable Snowman part 2: more abominable and more snowman!!

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