South Pole 90 Degrees South

Oh wow!

Wow wow wow wow wow The |South Pole . 90 degrees south!!!! I am still pinching myself! I am so exhausted. After starting skiing at 7.40am, I finally arrived at the South Pole the following day Friday 13th January at 1.30am, 18 hours later. That’s a sizeable day in anyone’s language !! I’ve made it to the Bottom of the world!

The hardest journey I have ever done in my life.
Ben Weber standing at south pole holding orb

32km after having skied 30km the previous day. My neck hurting more than anything, my body exhausted. But reaching the Pole…! The feeling of elation is incredible! 58 days. 1,260km skied in total. A journey spanning 700 miles. Through gales, mega sastrugi, whiteouts, soft snow, ice, fog, windchill below -40C…. I am so tired but I am so happy!!

Ben Weber polar explorer on skis pulling a sled
Flying back to Union Glacier on the way home

I have probably slept around 6 hours in the last 60 or so, so I won’t write much now. The day was the hardest day of the expedition but undoubtably the best and there is so much to say. It is 6am local time and I will be flown back to the base at Union Glacier at 9am, so will try get some shut eye then and write more afterwards.

Thanks for your support

I just wanted to let you know that everything is fantastic and thank you all for all your support!


Cancer Research support

Ben privately funded the expedition to realise a lifelong ambition to reach the South Pole. The trip aims to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. Ben had wanted to take on a personal challenge for some years.  However, the shock of losing his mother Marian to cancer in 2018 made him finally decide that the time was right to undertake a fundraising challenge. Donations can be made through Just Giving links on the website

Ben said to the press: “My mother was always so incredibly supportive of me with my journeys and expeditions. I wish I could be able to celebrate this achievement with her. Sadly, after she passed away due to cancer four years or so ago, this is not possible, though I know she would be so proud.

While I have always wanted to fulfil this dream and make it to the Pole, I really want to make this expedition mean much more than my own ambitions: I truly want to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK, to help research into diagnosing cancers before it is too late like it was with my mother. To help with treatments so people don’t have to go through so much pain like my mother. I am so grateful for any donations that people can make to my campaign for this – everything counts and can make a huge difference. “

Visit Ben’s blog site to hear Ben’s audio diary from his overnight camp and donation links to Cancer Research UK at

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