What a year!

So, it’s been a long while since have written anything, though as with pretty much everyone, the plans from the last year or so have been massively affected by everything that has been happening in the world. The planned Greenland expedition got put off from 2020… with the hope to manage in May 2021, though for obvious reasons with the continued pandemic and vaccination just starting to get going, the journey is now planned for May 2022. Fingers crossed it will happen!

With the pandemic and the current apocalypse as a global backdrop, in March 2020, I fell sick with pneumonia, which meant that March was a complete write-off as I was hospitalised and unable to do any training for a while. I think that even had there been no pandemic and subsequent restrictions (though they did not test me for COVID as it was at the time when testing was severely limited), I wouldn’t have been able to manage the journey in May 2020 as it took me a long time for to get back on my feet again.

To cut a long story short though, I am now back living in the UK and managing to sort out training within the confines of the lockdowns. Think that being over here will make the training easier to manage to be honest, especially once the restrictions ease, so I think the year ahead will be quite exciting. Already just being able to go out for daily hikes and runs (and continuing with the pilates!) is a huge difference from the New Delhi, where the smog and the heat could be overwhelming!

Also there might be news on a future South Pole expedition, but that’s still in the works… but here’s hoping!