Day 44 A little better today… “ I would walk/ski 500 miles ….”

But still very tiring. Another 23km done bringing me a quarter of the way through this degree and indeed, I am now singing I Would Walk/Ski 500 Miles!!!

The endless climb

The constant climbing continued throughout the day. It just seem endless! And plenty of sastrugi you make life entertaining as going up these climbs! So much fun! Apparently it’ll go like this for a good few more days… my body aches just thinking about it! At least the snow was a little better and less soft and sticky. Hopefully it will continue to improve!

Full and half skins

I decided to switch back to my skis with the full skins on (the skins are screwed in as in the temperatures here, the glue isn’t so good and they’d come off) half way through the day. While the snow was definitely better than yesterday, with the climbing and sastrugi I still felt myself slipping back a lot with the half skins. I know that technically I am not the best skier, so am glad that I brought two pairs of skis so I can quickly change between them when need the different skins, rather than faffing about taking the skins off and trying to get different ones on. Extra weight of course but it has helped. I am sure I’ll be back in the half skins soon.

Passing NZ and Norwegian Camp site and snow Christmas Tree

One of the highlights of the day was passing where another expedition team (I think the Ousland team of six New Zealanders and Norwegians who started their journey from the Messner starting point; a little closer to the Pole than the Hercules Inlet start) had their Christmas camp! They had made a snow Christmas tree and dug a nice big sheltered outdoor dining area! Must have been a fun Christmas for them on the ice!

Or was it Santa’s secret South Pole layer..?! Hahah!

It reminded me of the Greenland expedition when we cut out a team dining area in the snow on a couple of occasions when it was really good weather. Great for the team and great to outside of the tent for a change!

Jokes keep cheering me up!

Thanks as always for your jokes and support! The jokes on Facebook always make me laugh – loved the one about Boost for the economy, Chris! Just wanted to say to JoJo as well that I hope you get better very soon!!!

Ear Worm of the day

Ear worms of the day: yup, walk 500 miles! And also music from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (for anyone who has seen it, the choral music when Tuco is at the cemetery running to find where he thinks all the money is buried!).

Right, am going to try get some sleep. Night night! Please support Ben’s chosen charity Cancer Research UK

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