Day 45  A day of Reflections

Thoughts about 500 miles: Am truly delighted to get so far! After the first week with my neck and shoulder, it was doubtful that I’d be able to continue, so to be able to manage this… I am certainly very happy. More importantly, I can quite happily sing Walk 500 Miles (just replacing “walk” with “ski”!) as I travel. Though I don’t think I’ll walk 500 more! Just 200… to the Pole!

Thought re New Year: with the delays leaving Punta Arenas I had hoped that I’d be able to reach the Pole by New Year, which would have been an amazing way to celebrate. As it is, with a persistent injury that has affected me from around day five… I still have a good few more days to go! But still, this is a truly unforgettable and amazing way to spend the new year, and am so happy to be here, following in the footsteps of so many legends. I certainly miss my friends and family and look forward to reaching the Pole, getting back and celebrating everything with them then!

45 Another tiring day

Oceans of sastrugi

Well, at least the snow has continued to improve! Just half skins today! But as for the rest… continued climbing which just never seems to end; sastrugi seeming to get worse – no longer sastrugi patches or fields, but an ocean. The uneven terrain, the constant ups and downs going over them; and then another and another. Again, never ending. Needing to keep looking down because of the terrain; aggravating the pain in my neck.

Another 25km down

Another 25km down though, so a little better than yesterday and a decent distance. If you had asked me at the start of the day if I could have done this, then yes, I would have taken it! Almost half way through this degree at least; and apparently the conditions really do improve shortly after the 88th parallel. Fingers crossed!

A New Year and planning for the Pole

Can’t believe it’s almost New Year though. Incredible how time flies! Still hoping for an 8th or 9th arrival at the Pole though despite the slower progress. While confidence was definitely dented by the truncated day in the soft snow, I still think I’ll be able to pick up the pace again once I get past this climbing and sastrugi. Am now at 2,400m so a little lower than the plateau as well… getting there!

Sorry for the short post today; just pretty tired after going through these conditions. No real ear worms in my head either, just trying to keep going!

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