Day 8 Another tent day

It’s definitely frustrating. Another day in the tent. It’s difficult not to think of the time lost and the distance that would have liked to have covered today. The weather has been windy but nothing worse than normal. There has been pretty decent visibility. So, it would have been a good day for skiing. But, the most important is to feel better and allow the muscles time to recover. This is a long expedition and it makes no sense to ruin chances of success by hurting myself at the start and doing too much. This, specially considering the pain I was experiencing. Been sometime since felt something quite like that!

So today has just been spent listening to an audio book (Dune – loved the film, and it’s great listening to the book. Very glad I got it plus Dune Messiah and Children of Dune… and all the nine books of The Expanse series!!) and relaxing. Plus taking the medicines that have in my med kit; the anti inflammatories and pain killers, plus another medicine to protect against some of the negative effects of the ibuprofen. Am definitely feeling an improvement, though I am conscious that I felt this by the end of the other rest day. I will have to be careful when I get back on my skis again tomorrow as I don’t want this to keep repeating.

At least in the tent, with the sun shining outside 24h per day, it is generally quite warm and comfortable. I have also been able to use the solar panel inside the tent to recharge batteries. Plus again, limited food rations considering that not exerting myself!! (Difficult not to feel hungry though!) but still a nice big portion of porridge in the morning and chicken and rice for dinner. Yum!

As I say, in planning for this journey, it was anticipated that some days would have to be spent in the tent. Maybe not quite so soon, but that’s fine. I still have time in reserve. I will hopefully head out again tomorrow though will speak with the doctors and team at base first. If I do, I will try not to push myself too much and aggravate this further. Just ease myself back into it and make sure am comfortable before moving on to greater distances.

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