Day 10 Wind like an express train

Nothing much happened today: just an Antarctic storm that started blowing up from around midnight last night. It was all so calm as I setup the tent yesterday evening but the storm warning I received from ALE Antarctic Logistics Expeditions was accurate and it was good that I tightened all the guys and made sure the tent was well pitched.

The winds have been terrific! While the sun has been out, giving a deceptive brightness and warmth to the tent, outside has been ferocious – difficult to really show in a static photograph. It has been like an express train passing the tent constantly at full speed. So, no progress. My mobility has been affected by my neck, and putting the tent up and down in winds like this would be hard even at full fitness, it would have been very hard in my current state. I understand several other teams here also took the day off today.

But at least, it has given more time for my neck to recover and this is a definite positive. I didn’t feel the need to take any painkillers today and while this has meant feeling uncomfortable and with very tight shoulders, I am starting to feel my mobility returning. Doing stretching exercises and massages in my neck in the tent is helping with this as well.

The winds are expected to reach their peak strength at around 3am, so hopefully will get at least half a day in tomorrow. Will be good (and essential!!) to get out again.

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